Fundraiser for London terror attack survivor Melissa Cochran

Posted at 10:29 PM, Apr 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-25 21:41:48-04

CENTERVILLE, Utah -- A high school graduating class from 1989 is finding their school spirit for one of their former classmates: Melissa Cochran, or Missy, as they remember calling her.

“She needs all the support she can get and we are so happy to do this for her,” said graduating classmate Susan Tolman.

Tolman graduated from Bountiful’s Viewmont High School with Missy in 1989.

Missy and her husband of 25 years Kurt Cochran were in London celebrating their wedding anniversary on their dream vacation when on March 22nd an Isis claimed terrorist ran over people on the Westminster Bridge. He killed Kurt and seriously injured Missy.

“I was so shaken, I couldn’t stand by and do nothing,” said Tolman.

Tolman had not stayed close friends with Missy these 28 years later, but they were friends on Facebook along with so many of their graduating class. Tolman had been following her on Facebook and liking her vacation pictures in London and other parts of Europe. She was shocked about the deadly terror attack.

Tolman started talking to other Vikings from Viewmont and local restaurants to see if they would donate a portion of their proceeds to Missy for a night or two. Several restaurants agreed to help her, including Chili’s in Centerville and Layton, Menchie’s, Chick-filet, and Pizza Pie Café in Bountiful. The co-owner of Pizza Pie Café was also in Missy’s graduating class.

“I see more old classmates kids, then I do recognize old classmates,” said co-owner John Richardson. “We do fundraisers all the time, it’s part of the Pizza Pie Café culture, but it means a little more when it is for someone you know. “

Tolman’s friends, Jacinta Wallace and Joy Naegle were a big part of the fundraising effort.

“I just was Missy to know we love her, and we are all here for her to show our support in any way,” said Wallace.

“Our Vikings friendships run deep,” said Naegle. “We were all shocked by what happened to her and Kurt. It was earth shattering.”

They have a week of fundraisers happening starting Monday night April 24th- May 1st. On May 1st Pizza Pie Café is also having a raffle because some shops and restaurants also wanted to donate gifts to raise money for Missy.

For all the fundraising details go here.