Map: New UDOT Salt Lake County projects announced

Posted at 9:53 AM, Apr 25, 2017
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The Utah Department of Transportation has announced a number of projects in Salt Lake County to address the booming growth south of the I-15/I-215 interchange.

UDOT says these eight projects will increase road capacity, reduce traffic delays and improve safety for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

UDOT is partnering with several municipalities including Sandy, South Jordan and Riverton to strategically coordinate these projects through the 2017-18 seasons and minimize impacts to residents, commuters and businesses.

Eight projects are currently scheduled in the southern Salt Lake County region through the next two years.

Some projects will begin in 2017 to ensure that alternate routes are available in the southern portion of the valley before larger UDOT projects begin, such as a project to add a new southbound lane on I-15 from 12300 South to S.R. 201.

These projects are in addition to freeway-style interchanges on Bangerter Highway in Taylorsville, West Jordan, South Jordan, and Draper.

“These projects will make an immediate and lasting improvement on traffic in southern Salt Lake County,” UDOT Region 2 Director Bryan Adams said. “We know this area is going to continue to grow, and we want to proactively plan for that growth.”

Courtesy: UDOT

UDOT’s South Valley Improvements planned for 2018:

  1. I-15 Southbound—12300 South to SR 201, $175 million
    Construction schedule to be determined.
    UDOT plans to add a lane to southbound I-15 between 12300 South and S.R. 201 in Salt Lake County, as well as widen 7200 South from I-15 to Bingham Junction in Midvale. Modifications to the I-15 interchange at I-215 are also being considered to improve traffic flow in this area.
  2. 9000 South—State Street to 700 East, $13.8 million
    Construction schedule to be determined.
    Lanes will be added to 9000 South between State Street and 700 East.

UDOT’s South Valley Improvements for 2017:

  1. Bangerter Highway Interchanges, $249 million
    Construction underway; scheduled completion late 2018.
    UDOT is simultaneously constructing five new freeway-style interchanges on Bangerter Highway. New interchanges will be built at 5400 South, 7000 South, 9000 South, and 11400 South, and 600 West, to meet the growing transportation need in the southwest Salt Lake Valley. The interchanges at 600 West and 7000 South will be completed this year.
  2. Redwood Road—12600 South to Bangerter Highway, $37.4 million
    Construction starts late April 2017; scheduled completion fall 2017.
    The last remaining two-lane segment of Redwood Road through Salt Lake County will be expanded to seven lanes to accommodate growth and meet traffic needs along the corridor.
  3. I-15 Northbound, 10600 South Interchange Improvement $23.8 million
    Construction starts May 2017; scheduled completion winter 2018.
    Improvements include the construction of a crossing under 10600 South that connects the I-15 northbound off-ramp to Monroe Street. In addition, the bridge deck over I-15 will be resurfaced to provide a smoother driving surface and preserve the life of the structure.
  4. 10600 South—Redwood Road to Jordan Gateway, $15 million
    Construction starts mid-summer 2017; scheduled completion winter 2018.
    Improvements include an additional lane in each direction by removing the landscaped median, restriping the roadway, and adding turn lanes at specific intersections.
  5. I-15; 9000 South Interchange, $4.67 million
    Construction starts June 2017; scheduled completion August 2017.
    Improvements include adding additional lanes to the ramps and widening 9000 South, east of I-15 to Monroe Street. In addition, new lanes will be added to the on and off ramps and signal modifications will be made near the interchange.
  6. 700 East; 7400 South to 9400 South, $2.8 million
    Construction tentatively scheduled to begin June 2017; scheduled completion fall 2017.
    Improvements include repaving 700 East between 7400 South and 9500 South. Raised medians and bike lanes will be added at specific turn locations designed to increase safety for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Information from the Utah Department of Transportation.



State Street; 11400 South to 10600 South

9000 South; State Street to 700 East

I-15 SB; SR-201 to 12300 South 


700 East; 7400 South to 9400 South 

I-15; 10600 South Interchange

10600 South; Redwood to Jordan Gateway

I-15; 9000 South Interchange

Redwood Road Widening; Bangerter Highway to 12600 South 

Bangerter Highway Projects