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A makeup artist shares the four most common makeup mistakes and how to correct them

Posted at 3:44 PM, Apr 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-26 18:02:02-04

Katie Livingston shares the four most common mistakes she sees and how to simply correct them.

1. Not priming the eyes--powder eye shadows need something to adhere to. Otherwise your eye shadow will wear off pretty quickly and the eye shadow will not be as pigmented and vibrant. You will get the best result by using an eye shadow primer, but you can even use concealer or your foundation.
2. Coming too low with bronzer and blush--if carefully placed, blush, bronzer, and contour can bring a lot of dimension to your features. Bronzer should be placed anywhere on the face that the sun would naturally hit, blush should be placed on the apples of the cheeks and swept up towards the temples, and a cooler contour color should be right below the cheekbones or anywhere you would like to appear recessed.
3. Doing eye makeup after face makeup-- this is personal preference, but I find when working with dark eyeshadows, doing your eyes before foundation is best. If you are working with dark shadows and your foundation and concealer is already finished, you can easily have fallout onto your face, it's difficult to wipe away, and it can make your face look dirty. But if you do your eyes first, you can easily wipe away any shadows that have fallen onto your face.
4. Using the wrong foundation color-- our skin color changes depending on how much sun we have gotten, I recommend having two foundation colors, one at the lightest you get and one at the darkest. You can mix according to what your color is that day.

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