Layton Police seek help identifying suspect in hit-and-run crash

Posted at 9:36 PM, Apr 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-27 23:36:14-04

LAYTON, Utah -- Layton Police need help identifying a suspect they say plowed into an SUV Wednesday afternoon near Layton Hills Mall, then took off when police tried to flag the driver down.

The two victims in the SUV were OK, but their car is totaled.

One day later, Jorge Hernandez is still in shock as the chaotic moments replay in his head.

"We rolled three times before the car stopped," he recounted. "Kicked the side window of the passenger seat, and I just pulled her out of the car."

Hernandez's mother, Rosa Vasquez, was driving the SUV on the road around the mall, near the McDonald's. They barely had time to react when a white pickup truck slammed into them.

"There's nothing really you can do when a car is coming towards you at forty miles per hour and you are doing seven," he said.

Instead of staying on scene, police said the truck that hit them quickly disappeared.

"The white truck that ran into them actually kept going and fled the scene," said Layton Police Lieutenant Travis Lyman.

Hernandez said a police officer who happened to witness the crash even told him: "'I tried to flag him down and the guy looked at me and waved at me, and then took off,'" Hernandez said.

"The fact that he drove off is sickening," said Hernandez's wife, Sheena Hernandez.

Luckily, Hernandez and Vasquez only suffered minor injuries, like cuts, bumps and bruises.

But they want to know why this guy ditched, especially knowing he caused a crash that most likely resulted in injuries.

"How could you be able to sleep with something that you did, something like that--and not take responsibility for it?" Hernandez asked.

Layton Police are now asking the public for help.

They posted a surveillance photo of the truck and a description of the vehicle and suspect.

The truck is a white extended cab Chevrolet pickup with front end damage. Police said it was carrying yard debris, and may belong to a yard maintenance company.

It may also have Texas license plates that include the letters HNS, police stated.

As far as the suspect, police said he's described as a male in his 30s with blond curly hair. Police said he was wearing a white T-shirt and white rimmed sunglasses at the time of the crash.

Anyone with information related to the suspect, the truck or the crash is urged to call Layton Police at 801-497-8300.