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Healthy team snack ideas

Posted at 2:55 PM, May 01, 2017

Ellie Burbidge, Nutrition Blogger, shared some ideas for healthy team snacks.

What makes a healthy snack for young athletes:
• Three 'extra special' nutrients for young athletes are: Hydration (water), Carbohydrates, and Protein
• Hydration helps regulate body temperature, transports nutrients and oxygen through your body, and helps get rid of waste products from your cells. Good sources of hydration for athletes are water, chocolate milk, and Gatorade. Water is the best option; Gatorade is only for athletes working hard for over an hour.
• Carbohydrates are important because they are stored as fuel in your body for activities like sports. Good sources of carbohydrates are going to come from fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains.
• Protein is important for your body because it helps build and repair muscles. Good sources of protein come from lean cuts of meat, low-fat dairy products, and nuts/seeds.

5 examples of good and Healthy Team Snack ideas:
o Fruit kabobs & chocolate milk
o Homemade trail mix & chocolate milk
o Fruit parfait cups & water
o Veggie sticks with peanut butter & chocolate milk
o Popcorn with string cheese & water

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