Boston Red Sox ban fan after racist comments

Posted at 10:33 AM, May 04, 2017

BOSTON - The Boston Red Sox have permanently banned a fan for using a racial slur during a game earlier this week.

Just a day after baseball fans hurled racial slurs and peanuts at a player in Fenway Park, there was another racial encounter, according to Fox News.

This time the Red Sox are making it clear, that behavior won't be tolerated.

Monday, during the game against the Baltimore Orioles, a fan was seen throwing peanuts at Adam Jones, who says he was also called a racial slur a handful of times.

Jones said, "I don't care, boo me! Treat me's Orioles/Red Sox. I don't want any special treatment. I don't need any special treatment. Treat me as normal. Just keep the racist stuff out of there."

The next day, a fan witnessed another fan making racist comments.

"A young woman from Kenya sang the national anthem and the white fan, middle-aged fan next to me, leaned over after the song and said that she sang too long and she 'n-worded' it up," Calvin Hennick said.

Hennick said he reported the fan and the Boston Red Sox permanently banned him from Fenway.

The president of the organization says he wants to send a message loud and clear that racist behavior is not acceptable.