Wall of Utah heroes adds three new names

Posted at 6:13 PM, May 04, 2017

SALT LAKE CITY -- The Utah Fallen Officers Memorial on the grounds of the State Capitol has three new names Thursday, which were added in a ceremony that included speeches from loved ones, fellow officers, and political leaders.

Officer Cody Brotherson of West Valley City died on November 6, 2016 as he was laying a spike strip to end a police chase. His mother, Jenny Brotherson, said she hopes citizens remember Brotherson by thanking other police officers for the risks they take.

"Please take a moment to thank these brave souls when you see them, as their's is often a thankless job," Brotherson said.

State Trooper Eric Ellsworth died on November 18, 2016 when he was hit by a car while trying to keep drivers away from a downed power line. Ellsworth's widow, Janica Ellsworth, said she is still struck by intense feelings of loss.

"A few nights ago I laid awake in bed, and a now familiar sadness swept over me; I wished for what I had taken for granted all of those nights," Ellsworth said.

The third name on the wall was Roland Tanner, a Salt Lake City Police Officer who died on September 3, 1927. Tanner was working at Liberty Park, where a huge crowd gathered to see Charles Lindbergh the world-famous aviator who was visiting Salt Lake.

As Kaysville Police Chief Sol Oberg told the story, Tanner reached into the lions' cage at the zoo in Liberty Park. He would regularly pet the lions, but they reacted differently amidst the excitement of the crowd. They bit Tanners arm, pulling him into the bars and causing extensive wounds that killed him.