Big Budah’s blog: Fathers and sons

Posted at 7:54 PM, May 05, 2017

This week was jam-packed with celebrations and parties galore, starting with “May-Day” (or in Hawaii “Lei-Day”), where an outward expression of affection is all in a Lei given to someone else.

I got to hang out with my boy Spencer, co-owner of Sushi B Rollin, one of the most gracious guys you will meet.

My workouts have kicked back into high gear again now that I am back with my cousin Sione Havili, and we are both pushing each other to not give up.

Cinco de Mayo allowed me to paint my face and celebrate my inner La Raza.

My highlight though was being able to go with my son Lisona to our overnight Father & Son campout at Willow Park in Lehi. What a good time to hang out, talk story, and break bread with other fathers and their sons.

The campout stirred up great memories of when my Father used to take us to Camp Circle X in California for our Father & Sons camp. The whole reason behind getting healthy was to be able to be around for my kids, and I am so happy that I was able to create new memories with my youngest son.

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