Utah County jail welcomes K-9 in new program

Posted at 7:16 PM, May 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-09 08:32:20-04

UTAH COUNTY, Utah -- The Utah County Sheriff’s Office welcomed a new four-legged friend, Reikko the K-9.

Reikko is part of the office’s new program, a K-9 unit assigned only to the Utah County Jail.

He will assist in searching for drugs inside mail and inside inmates.

“People go to great lengths to smuggle it in places normally, you and I wouldn't do that,” said Chief Deputy Darin Durfey.

According to Reikko’s partner Deputy Rick Shumway, the dog is an invaluable tool.

“The dog can not only find stuff much more quickly than we can but will find stuff we never would find,” said Shumway.

Reikko was donated from the Rescue Rovers. It was fostering Reikko from the South Utah County Animal Shelter. Deputies were told Reikko was an “owner surrender.”

Deputies checked out the 11-month old Belgian Malinois and thought he would be the best fit. The rescue Rovers donated him to the Sheriff’s Office, which was a huge expense saver for the deputies.

They said they have had to use patrol K-9s in the past to sniff for drugs on inmates, or at facilities they use outside of the jail. Now they will have a K-9 just for the jail. Reikko will live with Deputy Shumway and be trained every day. Shumway is looking forward to all the “fun” and “rough” training that lies ahead of them.

Because of a couple donations, Reikko is also not costing taxpayers.