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A new way to personalize, manage, and control your home WiFi

Posted at 3:07 PM, May 09, 2017

XFINITY xFi is a new home WiFi experience that gives customers the speed, coverage, and control they need. Just as X1 redefined the way people experience television, xFi allows us to redefine the way XFINITY Internet customers engage with their home Internet service, providing the ability to easily manage their in-home WiFi experience.

Here are some of the ways XFINITY xFi is making an impact for our customers:
• Easily self-install XFINITY Internet and in-home WiFi
• View and modify WiFi names and passwords
• Create personal profiles and assign devices to individual family members
• See and name all devices connected to their home network
• Set parental controls and bedtime schedules
o Manage the content your kids can see easily by
 Setting the parental controls once for all of your WiFi devices!
o Comcast makes it easy for parents to spend quality time with their children with NEW parental control features.
 Limit access to WiFi during family time such as family dinner and game nights. No more begging teens to get off their devices and converse IRL.
 Also halt WiFi access during homework time, chore time etc.
 The xFi is the parents new best friend!
• Monitor who is most active on their home network
• Pause WiFi access, by device or user
• Say 'show me devices' into the X1 Voice Remote to see results on the big screen
• Troubleshoot WiFi by device
xFi is now available to 10 million XFINITY Internet customers with a compatible Wireless Gateway - and comes at no extra cost. And it`s expected to be available to 15 million XFINITY Internet customers by the end of the year.

This is just the start. Like we`ve done with X1, we will continue to build upon xFi - adding new features and improving upon the experience - for years to come. For  more information go to