Children injured in Missouri school bus crash down embankment

Posted at 9:56 AM, May 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-11 11:58:19-04

KIRKWOOD, Mo. – Numerous injuries are reported after a school bus ran off a Missouri interstate and down an embankment Thursday morning in Kirkwood, Missouri.

Officials told KTVI more than a dozen children were on the bus on the way to an area elementary school when the crash happened.

The Missouri Highway Patrol told KTVI a white truck and a red car got into an accident ahead of the bus on westbound I-44.

The bus hit the median of the highway and then turned to crash into the guardrail.

The bus then went off of the highway and into the woods.

Many of the children have minor scrapes and one of the children has moderate injuries, KTVI reported.

The Missouri Highway Patrol said one child was ejected through an emergency door when the bus went down the embankment.

Police say the bus driver was trapped after the crash. His condition is not known.

Officials said 15 children, between ages 8 and 13, are being treated at Children’s Hospital where a representative said they are all in good condition, including the child who was ejected.

The drivers of the white truck and the red car involved in the initial accident were not injured.

It is unclear if there were more children in these vehicles involved in this crash.

More children are being treated for injuries at the hospital than were on the bus, according to KTVI.

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