Melissa McCarthy as ‘Sean Spicer’ rides podium through Manhattan streets to CNN

Posted at 8:39 AM, May 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-12 10:39:40-04

You weren't seeing things if you thought you spotted White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer outside CNN's New York City offices Friday.

No, it wasn't actually Spicer, but rather Melissa McCarthy doing the impression of him that she's made famous on "Saturday Night Live."

McCarthy was seen in costume riding the White House briefing room podium on a busy Midtown Manhattan street Friday morning.

No, seriously: she was riding a motorized podium, surrounded by moving cars, yelling at folks to get out of the way as she motored through.

Fans of "SNL" know that trouble's brewing when "Spicey" takes off on that thing, and they will no doubt be anxious to see who is in the cross hairs this time.

Naturally a large crowd gathered to watch the action, and even to see McCarthy in between takes, as she wrapped up in a gray plaid blanket to battle the morning chill.

Meanwhile the real Spicer has largely been away from the heat surrounding President Trump and his administration; he missed the press briefings Wednesday and Thursday due to previously scheduled Navy Reserve duties, according to the White House.

To get the whole story you will just have to tune in when McCarthy hosts "SNL" Saturday night and reprises her role.

The show will air simultaneously on both coasts.