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Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement

Posted at 2:18 PM, May 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-18 16:18:51-04

Davis Hospital and Medical Center is participating in a Medicare initiative called the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) model. The CJR model aims to promote quality and financial accountability for care surrounding hip and knee joint replacement procedures.

This program brings together a multidisciplinary team of surgeons and other healthcare providers who work closely to achieve the highest quality care for patients receiving a total joint (hip or knee) replacement. This includes a customized care plan, management and coordination of care in collaboration with the surgeon, investment in technologies, and care processes designed to achieve safe, high quality, and efficient care while patients are in the hospital and after discharge.

How this program works

Patients receive a detailed assessment by an experienced member of the nursing staff prior to surgery to determine the following:

  • Whether the home is set up for safety, accessibility, and comfort
  • What type of support is needed at home
  • The overall health status of the patient, including medications and other special needs
  • The level of pain and functionality

Patient education is a critical piece of the program to ensure the best patient outcomes. Patients and their caregivers are encouraged to participate in the CJR class prior to surgery to learn what to expect before, during, and after surgery.

This class covers important information, including preparing for surgery, pain management, the importance of outcomes, returning to normal activity and independence.

One of the most important goals of the CJR program is to get patients home as quickly as possible and reduce any unplanned readmissions to the hospital.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center has eight orthopedic surgeons who participate in the CJR program.