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Maverik Adventure Bus

Posted at 2:17 PM, May 18, 2017

Brenn and his mom Sharla Barber tell us about their experience with the Maverik Adventure Bus Project.

Inspired by a reality TV show that focuses on achieving a bucket list and encourages others to do the same, students from Spanish Fork High School and Maple Mountain High School set out to create the senior trip of their dreams—and that’s how the Maverik Adventure Bus project was born.

Brenn Barber is one of the students involved with this project. The group of seven purchased an old bus, completely renovated the exterior and interior, including plumbing and electrical, and searched for sponsorships to get their project started. Maverik, Inc. caught wind of the project and wanted to help out. The partnership seemed to be the perfect match for such driven and adventurous students who want to explore the world around them.

You can get more information here.