Provo towing company targeted by vandals; tires slashed, derogatory words written on trucks

Posted at 6:08 PM, May 22, 2017

PROVO, Utah – Vandals target a towing company in Provo – slashing tires, and painting derogatory words on two trucks. Drivers for "AM PM Towing" say the alleged crime not only took place on their lot but at their homes where they parked their trucks overnight.

On Sunday morning between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m., the yard was broken into.

Surveillance video shows a man wearing a bandana across his face, loading stuff in the back of a truck in the "AM PM Towing" company lot.

“One of our trucks got its tablet taken out of it, a bunch of tools,” said Shawn Miller, Dispatch Manager of AM PM Towing.

The pick-up truck belonged to one of their customers.

“They cut the chain right off the gate. And came back here,” said Miller.

In the process, Miller says the suspects vandalized some of their trucks, and slashes several tires, and wrote derogatory words on them.

“We believe there's water in the tank. They spray painted a bunch of swear words on it saying we're a repo company. We are not a repo company. We haven't repo'd ever,” said Miller.

Miller says the vandals continued their spree the next day. Two of its drivers parked their trucks at their homes and woke up to a mess.

“When I came out the tires on my truck were slashed. And my lights were on and my doors were wide open,” said Justin Capitan, AM PM Towing driver. “My windows on my house were spray painted.”

Capitan has no clue who would go to such extreme measures to hurt their roadside assistance business.

“Those people who are stuck on the side of the freeway, they're gonna have to wait an extra hour because we can't get to them now," said Capitan.

More than anything, the drivers feel violated and want justice.

“It's absolutely terrifying. I just want my family to be safe and I can't feel safe when I have stuff like this happen,” said Capitan.

Miller has a warning for the culprits.

“I hope you like your time in jail when we do catch you. Hopefully, we don't catch you personally. It might not be good," said Miller

The company is offering a $1000 reward. If anyone knows who may have done this, contact Provo Police at 801-852-6210.