Summer season off to speedy start at Utah Olympic Park

Posted at 7:21 PM, May 26, 2017

PARK CITY, Utah -- Do you like going fast? Do you enjoy heights? What about a good adventure or wild ride? Well Utah Olympic Park has it all, and they officially opened for the summer on Friday.

"There is something for everybody: the thrill seeker or just the person that wants to come out and take a nice easy ride on the Alpine Slide,"marketing manager Kole Nordmann said.

The slide curves back and forth for a half a mile down the mountain. Reese Boyd of Dallas says she loves speeding around the turns.

"It was really fun, I really liked it until I got stuck," she said.

Across the park, kids climb 20 feet off the ground in the Discovery Adventure Course. Even higher in the air it was almost a blur as riders flew by on the zip line.

However, there is no doubt the highlight of Utah Olympic Park is Extreme Tubing.

During this 90-meter ride down the Olympic ski slope, you will pick up speeds of 45 to 50 miles per hour. For a second you even feel like an Olympian.

"You are going down part of Olympic history; we used these two jumps here during the 2002 Olympics, you are going down the exact landing hill," said Patrick Rosevear with Utah Olympic Park.

Jason Lengyel and Rebecca Boerigter are visiting from Wisconsin. They don't have anything like this at home.

"Wisconsin doesn't have any mountains for one, we have tiny little hills," Boerigter said.

They say the scariest part is right when you disappear down that 36-degree slope.

"Wow, it's really steep when you come down off that edge," Boerigter said.

Utah Olympic Park estimates they will have more than 400,000 visitors this summer. You can pay for each activity separately, or buy a day pass for $65 and ride as much as you want all day. Click here for more details on summer activities at the park.