Body recovered in Utah County believed to be missing Eagle Mountain teen

Posted at 5:39 PM, May 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-29 11:26:09-04

UTAH COUNTY — Authorities have recovered a body discovered by a woman in Utah County earlier this week, and they believe the remains are that of an Eagle Mountain teen reported missing in December of 2016.

Sgt. Spencer Cannon of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office said a woman reported finding a body Thursday, and crews have subsequently recovered those remains.

“We haven’t made official confirmation that it is Alexander Hashida, but the circumstances are consistent with what we were looking for at the time,” Cannon said. “Some of the personal items [at the scene where the body was found] belonged to him.”

Alexander Hashida, 15, was reported missing December 22, 2016. He left his home in Eagle Mountain, and Cannon said there was information leading them to believe the youth may have been planning self-harm.

Authorities and volunteers searched an area east and south of Eagle Mountain last year but were unable to find the teen. The body discovered this week was located in the same general area where searchers focused.

“The problem with an area like that is that you can walk right by something or somebody that you’re looking for and not see them, maybe because of terrain features or shrubbery or things like that,” Cannon said.

The remains were taken to a medical examiner’s officer, who will confirm the identity of the deceased and determine the cause of death.

“It does appear that it was a self-inflicted cause of death,” Cannon said.

He declined to provide further details about the cause and manner of death. Fox 13 News does not generally report on incidents that appear to be a suicide unless there is a broader impact to the public, such as a resolution to a missing person’s case.

“We have spoken to the family, things like this are never easy,” Cannon said. “It’s compounded by the fact that they have been looking since December 22 for Alex. This doesn’t get any easier, I suppose they have a little bit better picture of what their future will be now, if it turns out that officially this is Alex—and we believe that it is. It’s a time of mourning and loss for them.”