Police seek help identifying suspect in Salt Lake County crime spree

Posted at 5:34 PM, Jun 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-02 19:34:13-04

SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah -- Police need your help finding a man wanted in two cities.

According to Sgt. Chad Carpenter, Draper police were called to a home Thursday afternoon after the homeowner realized someone had been in their house and stolen their car.

"Throughout the afternoon, the suspect actually went to a different house, dropped off the initial car that he stole and stole a second car after he went into that person's house," Carpenter said.

That car is described as a 2014 white Mercedes Benz with a black top.

"He committed actually a total of four burglaries in Draper between 3 o'clock and sometime in the evening," Carpenter said.

Draper police then realized it was the same suspect who had been caught on camera at two homes in South Jordan earlier that day, where he stole a car and some other belongings.

"He was wearing the same shirt and Levis at the time of each burglaries," Carpenter said.

Friday morning, Draper police got a call about the same suspect after he was seen driving that stolen white Mercedes.

"The complainant told us that the guy in the Mercedes was walking around his neighbor's house, maybe committing a burglary," Carpenter said.

Draper police confirmed it was the same man seen in the photos so they started to follow him.

"He realized he was being followed and he sped away," Carpenter said.

Police decided not to chase him because they believe he may be armed.

"What's concerning to us is we believe he took two firearms," Carpenter said.

However, with these crystal clear photos, they don't think it will take too long to track him.

Since they do believe he may be armed and dangerous, Draper Police say don't approach the suspect if you see him or you know him. Instead, please call police immediately.