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The trick to getting your kids to do chores – no matter their age!

Posted at 3:03 PM, Jun 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-05 17:03:09-04

Therapist Jessie Shepherd gives us some great insights on how to get your kids of any age to do their chores. You can get more information about her here.

Kids & Chores: How to make it happen!
Why Chores are important:
-Value the things we have.
-Gain practical life skills.
-Understand our value & gain self confidence.
-Feeling like a valuable part of the family.

Every child should have chores- Even your toddler!
Different Ages Chore List:
Ages 2-5
-Put toys in basket
-Sort laundry
-Set the table
-Wipe walls
Ages 6-9
-Clean in the yard
-Pick up their room
-Make their bed
-Sweep & mop floors
Ages 10-13
-Do the dishes
-Do their laundry
-Make simple meals
-Take out garbage.
Ages 14-18
-Clean the bathroom
-Mow the lawn
-Do basic car maintenance.
-Develop a budget for activities.

How to make it happen:
-Make it a family norm:
Everyone in the family should have chores.
-Hold them to their responsibilities:
We want to emphasize natural consequences and use `if...then...` statements.
-Change up the chores schedule every so often:
We want them to learn a variety of skills and not get to bored of the same chores.
-Remember failure is a good thing:
We learn a great deal when we fail and it is a perfect time for a teaching moment.