Loved ones rally around victims of deadly shooting in Sandy

Posted at 10:09 PM, Jun 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-08 00:09:38-04

SANDY, Utah -- Friends and neighbors of Memorez Rackley are remembering the Sandy mother and her 6-year old son, Jase, after the two were killed in a shooting on Tuesday.

They're also rallying to support 11-year old Myles, who was injured when a man shot the three along with a Good Samaritan's daughter.

"They are some of the nicest people you could know," family friend Jen Wilhite said of the Rackleys.

She and others said the horrific loss has affected the whole neighborhood, and community.

"Nothing can prepare you for something like that," Wilhite said. "She was such a kind woman, and the boys are just sweet, cute little normal boys that should be out playing and having fun."

Memorez was a mother to three sons. Her oldest is 14, the family said.

“Such a sweet lady,” Wilhite said of Memorez. “Just kind to everyone, and nice to everyone. Really outgoing, and friendly.”

"She loved her family, she just adored each one of her boys," said David Smith, the Bishop of the LDS congregation the Rackley family used to attend.

They said Jase was one day away from finishing kindergarten. He loved to play soccer, friends said, just like his older brothers.

“Jase was your typical energetic, spunky 6-year old,” said Sarah Weaver, a family friend.

Now Myles, his older brother, and their father are left to cope.

“The family is heartbroken, and trying to deal with the tragedy, trying to understand,” Smith said.

A Rackley family spokesperson said Wednesday that Myles is sedated in the intensive care unit, but doing better.

In a statement, they said they are focused on his recovery.

Smith said he visited the hospital, and found the family is surrounded by friends.

“The waiting room is full of people who just want to be there to support them,” he said.

The support comes just a year after he said Myles suffered a medical episode similar to a brain aneurysm.

As Myles recovered in the ICU for months, Smith and other neighbors said they came together to help the family.

“We got so close to the family through that experience,” Wilhite said. “Here we are again, and we would all just do anything we could for them.”

Anyone who would like to help the victims' family pay for funeral and memorial services is asked to send donations to the Rackley Memorial Fund at Mountain America Credit Union.