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Read it, make it, taste it, watch it, explore it

Posted at 3:02 PM, Jun 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-14 17:02:24-04

Brittany Fenton from Salt Sky shared a fun idea to keep kids busy this summer. Make it, read it, explore it, taste it & watch it!

Make it: Helps kids be creative by making a craft or meal together. Kids can write about what they made after, what worked, what didn`t, what they want to try next time.

Read it: Spend 30 minutes ALL TOGETHER reading books. This is a great time for parents to read to younger kids or sit with older kids as they read to themselves. It gives parents some great quiet time as well 😉 Also spend time in libraries across your state, reading and taking all the FREE classes and activities they offer kids and youth. See your local library for a calendar of events. Use the printable punch card for kids when they complete their reading and think of a great reward once it`s all filled up.

Explore it: Pick a fun place to visit, explore nature, make a scavenger hunt, see the historical sites in your city, visit the zoo. Whatever it is, get out and play. At the end of the day, kids come home to write about their experiences or draw a picture about their day.

Taste it: Once a week take kids to a new local place that you haven`t tried before. Get a treat or a meal and experience something new. For example, if you go have Indian food, they can come home and write their own little review on the restaurant and look up fun facts about the country of India. Help kids learn to remember what they experienced and write it all down or draw a picture.

Watch it: There are so many movie theaters and local playhouses that have deals for kids during the week. Help kids make a list of movies, plays or shows they`d like to see. Go out or just curl up together with a blanket and popcorn for a fun family movie at home.