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Learn how to make gigantic bubbles

Posted at 3:37 PM, Jun 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-15 17:37:10-04

Grandma blogger Nina Lewis shows us fun ideas with bubbles.

1. Bubble snakes. They are easy to do. Cut off the bottom half of a water bottle. Cut a small child`s sock (from the dollar store) in half. Slip the toe end of the sock over the cut end of the water bottle (the half with the opening) and put a rubber band over the sock to hold it on the bottle. Dip the sock in the bubble solution and blow through the bottle`s opening to make bubbles come out through the sock. For a fun variation, put food coloring on the sock. The bubbles will come out colored. While older grandkids enjoy this activity, it is especially good for younger ones.
2. Straw bubble wand. Get two straws and some string. Thread a piece of string through the straws and knot it. Dip the straws and the string in the bubble solution and wave through the air to make bubbles. This is good for grandkids 7 years old and older.
3. Bubble wand. Make a wand from a dowel stick, cording, jump ring, and a wooden bead. (Directions are on her website.) Dip in the cording in the bubble solution and wave through the air to make GINORMOUS bubbles. Tweens and teens absolutely love making these bubbles!

You can get more ideas here. at