6 people arrested in St. George SWAT-assisted drug bust

Posted at 4:02 PM, Jun 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-21 18:02:55-04

ST. GEORGE — A SWAT vehicle featuring men hanging off its sides rolled through St. George Tuesday afternoon.

The St. George Police Department executed a search warrant in conjunction with the Washington County Drug Task Force, and SWAT team members arrested six people on drug charges.

According to St. George News, police said there were, ” items relating to drugs and drug distribution in plain view within the house” but that specifics on exactly what and how much are currently unavailable.

“There are individuals who, this is not their first chance to reform themselves, if you will. It’s not their first rodeo, it’s also not their first search warrant either,” said Sgt. Jordan Minnick of the Washington County Drug Task Force .

Residents may have heard the noise-distraction devices used by officers, which sounded like multiple small explosions.

Minnick said the neighborhood was pleased to have the drugs out of the area.

All arrested were charged with possession of illegal drugs, among which were suspected meth, heroin and marijuana. Police also located drug paraphernalia. Some of the suspects also face additional charges of child endangerment.

For the names and other charges of those arrested visit St. George News.