Uniquely Utah: Sun Tunnels of the Great Basin Desert

Posted at 9:36 PM, Jun 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-25 23:36:25-04

Have you been to the Sun Tunnels in the Great Basin Desert west of the Great Salt Lake?

Probably not. But a handful of hardy souls made the trek last Tuesday to take in the summer solstice sunset. Check out the video above for a look at that trip.

If you’re interested in visiting the Sun Tunnels yourself, check out the Utah Museum of Fine Art’s website for directions and details, or join museum staff for a free meet-up! Those details are below.

Also please note that Nevada State Road 30, the primary to the Sun Tunnels, is periodically closed (north of Montello, Nevada) for road construction. There is an alternate route going north out of Wendover through the Pilot Mountains, but it requires driving many miles of dirt road.

Community meet-up:

Sun Tunnels Community Meet-up

Saturday, September 30 | 1–4 pm | FREE

Join the UMFA for a fun day of art and science at Nancy Holt's Sun Tunnels, an iconic work of Land art located in Utah's west desert. All ages and abilities are invited to explore the landscape, create art, and learn about the environment of the desert.

For more information about Sun Tunnels, including a self-guide and driving directions, visit this website.