Police find ‘bag of guns’ at Motel 6 after shots fired in Salt Lake City

Posted at 8:29 PM, Jul 06, 2017

SALT LAKE CITY — Police in Salt Lake City say a man fired several shots during an argument with another man in Salt Lake City Thursday, and some children suffered minor injuries from broken glass after a stray bullet struck an SUV.

The shooting occurred in the area of 600 South and 200 West and police responded just before 6 p.m.

Lt. James Tracy with the Salt Lake City Police Department said the incident involved a group staying at a Motel 6.

“Some individuals that were staying here at the Motel 6 were having some kind of an argument, one of those individuals went over to the Maverik across the street with a gun,” Tracy said. “The second individual in a car came over, and the first individual started shooting at him in that car.”

A stray bullet or perhaps a ricochet struck an SUV carrying a family of bystanders inside. Nobody was hit by gunfire, but Tracy said two children inside the SUV suffered minor injuries from broken glass after the windows shattered.

The suspected shooter fled back to the Motel 6 and went into a room. The other man also fled.

Officers responded, and Tracy said they evacuated some motel rooms and set up a containment as a precaution. However, after reviewing surveillance footage they learned the man had entered the room but later left. Police hope to use that footage to identify the man.

While the suspect and the man he argued with have not been found, police located some evidence.

“We have actually recovered several weapons, there was a bag of guns, basically, that was found,” Tracy said. “We’re still trying to piece together whether or not that was the weapon used in the shooting or if it was a different bag of weapons people were trying to get rid of because they knew the cops were coming.”

The bag of guns was found outside of one of the rooms at the Motel 6.

Police are also interviewing several other people who were staying in the same motel room as the two men to try to piece together exactly what happened.