West Davis Corridor alternative released; construction to start as soon as 2020

Posted at 3:16 PM, Jul 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-06 19:43:53-04

The Utah Department of Transportation released a proposed alternative to the West Davis Corridor in western Davis and Weber counties Thursday.

Officials are suggesting a new 19-mile highway they say will meet the transportation needs to 2040 while minimizing impacts on the community and the environment.

It would run from Farmington to West Point, connecting with I-15 and Legacy Parkway at Glovers Lane on the south end and S.R. 37 (1800 North) at approximately 4000 West on the north end.

“After years of detailed analysis, collaboration and extensive public outreach, together we’ve identified a transportation solution that will benefit western Davis and Weber counties for many years to come,” UDOT Project Manager Randy Jefferies said. “The preferred alternative addresses current and future transportation needs while minimizing impacts to the community and environment.”

The Utah Transportation Commission approved funding for construction starting in 2020.

Proposed West Davis Corridor Map - UDOT

The Utah Department of Transportation, in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration, released the Final Environmental Impact Statement for a potential transportation corridor in western Davis and Weber counties.

Officials say it includes seven years of detailed analysis of the western Davis and Weber community and environment with input from residents, farmers, neighborhoods, city and county representatives, business chambers, tribal councils and state and federal resource agencies and other interested groups.

Based on this evaluation, the team identified a preferred alternative of a proposed 19-mile highway from I-15 near Glovers Lane in Farmington to 1800 North near 4000 West in West Point.

This fall, the Federal Highway Administration is expected to issue a Record of Decision based on all data and comments presented in the evaluation.

The number of households in western Weber and Davis counties is expected to increase by more than 65 percent by 2040, and Davis County is currently the second most densely populated county in the state, according to the evaluation.

UDOT says this one project will reduce traffic congestion west of I-15 by 35 percent in this area.

Authorities are taking comments and critiques from the public through Aug. 31.


  • Name: Glovers Lane Alternative B1 with Wetland Avoidance Option
  • The highway will connect to existing state highways and city streets via six new interchanges.
  • It will use dark-sky lighting at the off-ramps to minimize light pollution.
  • The highway will use noise-reducing pavement to cut down on sound from vehicle tires.
  • It will be constructed low to the ground except where required to pass over cross streets.


  • 7 – the number of years the study team has been working to complete the EIS.
  • 19 – the length of the proposed highway, in miles (approximate).
  • 51 – the number of transportation alternatives developed and evaluated by the study team.
  • 90+ – the number of organizations, agencies, and community groups the study team has coordinated with throughout the entire study process.
  • 8,647 – the number of public comments received during the study to date. That is the equivalent of nearly one comment for every resident of the city of Hooper (pop. 8,845 est. 2017)
  • 91,901 – the number of unique visitors to the study website since 2010. That’s more than the combined populations of Farmington, Kaysville, Syracuse, and West Point.
  • 409,563 – the number of pageviews on the study website since 2010. That’s the equivalent of more than one page view for every single person in Davis County (pop. 329,692).
  • 2020 – the year construction is scheduled to begin on West Davis Corridor.