Teen loses wallet at arcade, act of kindness teaches him life lesson

Posted at 9:28 AM, Jul 07, 2017

SPANISH FORK, Utah - A random act of kindness has turned the whole summer around for one Utah teen.

Karden Devenish, 13, was playing arcade games at Nickel Mania on Thursday in Springville with his buddy when he reached into his pocket for his wallet and realized it was missing.

“I back-tracked all the places I might have dropped it,” Karden said.

He finally gave up and left his phone number with the manager of the arcade in case someone turned the wallet in

Karden's mom, Megan Devenish, said the loss led to a lesson.

“I was like, 'Son, do not take your money everywhere you go.'" she said. "Because I know how hard he's been working for it. But it was also a life lesson of, you won't forget next time to leave your money at home. You only need $10 at Nickel Mania.”

Karden lost the $80 he had inside his wallet. He said he had been working hard for that money by doing yard work, and the money was going toward a family fishing trip in Oregon this August.

“I was sad that I lost my wallet because I had been working four lawns a week and pulling weeds so I could go deep-sea fishing with my uncles; so I was super bummed I lost it,” Karden said.

Devenish posted about the lost wallet on the Spanish Fork Community News Facebook page. She posted about what happened to the wallet and why it was so important for someone to return it should it be found. A few hours after that was posted, Nickel Mania called her.

“So we ran over to get it, hoping it was the wallet: it was not the wallet,” Devenish said with a laugh. “It was an envelope from a complete stranger that had $120 in it and a note that said ‘You can buy a new fishing license, replace your wallet, and have a good time fishing.’”

Megan and Karden were shocked by the stranger's random act of kindness.

“It's just amazing that someone we didn’t even know would do something so very kind,” Devenish said.

“I opened it and it was $120; like, that is super nice,” Karden said. “I'm happy that someone who doesn't even know me would do that for me.”

The note said in part, “I read what happened to you on Facebook and had the same thing happen to me when I was younger…”

Karden felt his faith in humanity restored, after being upset over someone not returning it. Although, he said he was more upset with himself for losing it. He also said the next time he can “pay it forward” he will.

The full note Karden received reads:


Buy a new wallet, fishing licensing and have fun. I read what happened on Facebook, and had the same thing happen when I was younger.

Good luck.

PS. If your wallet was returned, pay it forward with this.

Devenish later posted an update on Facebook.

"I'm speechless and have tears streaming down my face... we live In an amazing community... this is truly a lesson we will never forget...we will pay it forward. Thank you, thank you whomever you are!!"