Draper City clamping down on littering and trespassing on trails

Posted at 6:23 PM, Jul 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-07 20:23:38-04

DRAPER – Draper City is cracking down on people who are using trails to unload their trash. Since hiring a full-time park ranger, they’ve been busy issuing citations.

“We experience it every year: People like to drive up Corner Canyon Road and just dump trash,” said Greg Hilbig, Manager of Draper City Trails and Open Space.

Over the last week, Hilbig says his crews have been cleaning up a sea of trash found on trails in Corner Canyon.

“Somebody hooked up to one of our garbage cans; dragged it down the road, spilled trash all over the road,” Hilbig said.

Hilbig says the most surprising find are sofas. Someone went to great lengths to put a sofa on top of a gazebo. Hilbig says this is about the 39th sofa they’ve removed in the canyon this year.

“Thirty-nine was a guess," he said. I lost count in the upper twenties.”

That’s not the only problem they’re dealing with. Police and park rangers have ticketed people for driving in closed areas, and using fireworks. Any sort of open flame is prohibited in the canyon.

“Apparently he wrote a ticket for someone who had sparklers up here on the fourth of July, which is pretty scary looking at the fire conditions now all over the rest of the state,” Hilbig said.

Trail users told Fox 13 their biggest pet peeve is when people don’t pick up after their dogs.

“You could probably walk up a little ways and see a bunch of doggy bags tied in branches,” Hilbig said.

City leaders are discouraged by the amount of trash accumulated in the canyon. They warn folks that they’re taking it seriously and will issue citations.

“Treat it like you would your own home," Hilbig said. "It’s here for your enjoyment, take care of it."

Police have received several tips from the public. If you want to report a crime, call dispatch at 801-840- 4000.