Catch a fish in Panguitch Lake, win a prize

Posted at 10:24 AM, Jul 16, 2017

PANGUITCH – Catching one of the big trout in Panguitch Lake makes a trip to the high-mountain lake more than worth it. But you might receive even more.

According to St. George News, starting Saturday, and running through Labor Day, Garfield County, the U.S. Forest Service, Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources and businesses in the Panguitch Lake area are holding a fishing tournament at the scenic lake near Panguitch. Prizes can be won in two ways:

  • Catch one of 100 tagged rainbow trout. The trout will be tagged near their dorsal fin with a red “spaghetti” tag.
  • Catch any fish that’s over 24 inches long.

If a fish is caught that qualifies, (either a tagged fish or a fish that’s over 24-inches long), bring it to one of the businesses listed below.

In addition to receiving a prize, you’ll be placed in a drawing to win a rifle donated by Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife. The drawing happens Sept. 4.

“Fishing at Panguitch Lake is really good right now,” Richard Hepworth, Southern Region fisheries manager for the DWR told St. George
News. “We have not yet seen any negative impacts from the Brian Head fire.”

Hepworth said Panguitch Lake hosts a healthy population of rainbow trout, Bonneville cutthroat trout and tiger trout.

Special regulations that are in place at the lake are one of the reasons fishing is so good. One of the regulations requires anglers to release all cutthroat trout and tiger trout that are between 15 and 22 inches long.

The regulations are available on page 37 of the 2017 Utah Fishing Guidebook. The free guidebook is available here.

List of businesses

To claim a prize and be entered into the drawing to win the rifle, bring your fish to any of these businesses in the Panguitch Lake area:

  • Aspen Cove Resort
  • Bear Paw Resort
  • Burger Barn
  • Blue Springs Lodge
  • Panguitch Lake Adventure Resort
  • Panguitch Lake General Store
  • Rocky Point Boat Dock

More information about fishing at Panguitch Lake is available by clicking here. Details about the tournament are available in a Facebook event.

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