‘Oil Well’ fire near Elko has burned 7,400 acres and 15 structures, including four homes

Posted at 9:33 PM, Jul 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-18 23:33:54-04

ELKO, Nevada -- The so-called Oil Well Fire, which broke out Monday afternoon near Elko, Nevada has now burned 7,400 acres and is 30 percent contained.

The BLM is still investigating the cause of the blaze, which burned 15 structures, including four homes.  One of the homes belongs to Tony Amigliore.

"I don’t really have any words," said Amigliore.

Amigliore was sitting at home Monday afternoon when he saw flames roaring in the distance.

"I seen the flames coming and the cops come over and told me to leave so I left.  It was just fire everywhere," said Amigliore.

He spent the day patiently praying.

"I waited all day you know and I came to see this," said Amigliore.  "It was nighttime and when I drove up here there was nothing there you know."

There was nothing left, but the remnants of Amigliore's life.  A life he just rebuilt.

"I just lost everything again you know.  It’s hard to explain when you lose everything," said Amigliore.

About four years ago, another fire torched Amigliore's trailer, which sat in the exact same spot.

"My two dogs and I had two cats, they burned up in the fire too."

Along with his pets, the blaze destroyed old family photos and other irreplaceable belongings.

"Everything you save for you know?  Just your life," said Amigliore.  "Your life is gone and you got to start over again."

Just about a year ago, after saving up enough money, Amigliore rebuilt his home.

"When you’re on the bottom there’s only one way up.  You have to work at it.  That’s what I did and I’m going to have to do it again."

Migliore doesn't know how he can afford to rebuild his life for the second time in five years, but somehow he manages to look through the ash and smoke, and remain hopeful.

"I know someday I’ll have a home again," he said.

If you want to help Amigliore, his family set up a gofundme page.  Here's the link: