Toquerville mother pleads guilty to three felony counts of child abuse

Posted at 9:58 PM, Jul 18, 2017

ST. GEORGE, Utah -- A Toquerville mother charged with starving her 12-year-old son and locking him inside a bathroom for a year pleaded guilty Tuesday.

Brandy Jaynes pleaded guilty to three second degree felony charges of child abuse.

Police reports show the boy was tied to a chair in deplorable conditions.  Duct tape covered light switches leaving the boy in the dark, and a camera was in the room so the boy could be monitored.

"After being taken out of that horrible environment, he started to progress very well almost immediately," said prosecutor Angie Reddish-Day.  "With proper nutrition and proper medical care, proper love and affection he has been very resilient."

Jayne's attorney said his client believes her admission of guilt to all three charges was in the best interest of her children.

"We've never disputed that these facts happened, that these events occurred," said attorney Edward Flint.  "It was what was her state of mind.  All along I've believed she had the equivalent of an emotional or nervous breakdown and this is just how she dealt with the stress in her life."

Jaynes faces 45 years to life in prison.  She'll be sentenced on August 28th.