Video shows bobcat attack man, German shepherd on Arizona street

Posted at 9:11 AM, Jul 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-18 11:11:29-04

ANTHEM, Ariz. – A bobcat recorded attacking a German shepherd and a bystander in Arizona Sunday, has tested positive for rabies, according to KTVK-TV.

According to the Daisy Mountain Fire Department, a man was walking his dog, a German Shepherd near the County Club area when a bobcat started chasing the pair.

“The German Shepherd was able to protect both itself and its owner from the bobcat when a bystander stopped to aid the man and his dog,” Daisy Mountain Public Information Officer Brent Fenton said.

In a video taken by another person in the area, it appears the bystander grabbed the bobcat and tried to help pull it away from the dog at the same time the dog’s owner was trying to pull the pup away from the bobcat.

That’s when the animal bit him and the man swung the bobcat around trying to get him off.

He was bitten on his hand and arm. The bobcat then ran off into a nearby storm drain.

“It’s very bizarre. This is very uncharacteristic for bobcats,” said Brent Fenton.

Firefighters wrapped the man’s bites and gave first aid on the scene. The bystander drove himself to the hospital and was told he would need a rabies shot.

The owner wasn’t hurt.

Fenton said the bobcat stayed in the storm drain for a bit and they were waiting for the Arizona Game and Fish Department to capture the animal, but the bobcat came out of the drain and once again started acting aggressively.

“MCSO had to use lethal force to stop the threat of anybody else being injured by the bobcat,” Fenton said.

Arizona Game and Fish did order a rabies test for the deceased bobcat.

CNN contributed to this report.