Utah cities rank on list of most and least educated cities in the US

Posted at 12:09 PM, Jul 25, 2017

PROVO, Utah - A few cities in Utah have made the list of the most and least educated cities in America.

First up in "the most educated cities," Provo is No. 7.

Salt Lake City came in at No. 32 and Ogden at 68.

The website "Wallethub" looked at the share of adults with high school diplomas, at least some college, Bachelor degrees and professional degrees.

Another factor was "quality of education."

Ann Arbor, Michigan, came in first place.

The least educated city in the US? That honor goes to McAllen, Texas.

California had five of the worst 10 with the lowest education and Texas had three.

Most Educated Cities
1 Ann Arbor, MI
2 Washington, DC
3 San Jose, CA
4 Durham, NC
5 Madison, WI
6 Boston, MA
7 Provo, UT
8 San Francisco, CA
9 Austin, TX
10 Tallahassee, FL
Least Educated Cities
141 Beaumont, TX
142 Lafayette, LA
143 Hickory, NC
144 Salinas, CA
145 Fresno, CA
146 Modesto, CA
147 Bakersfield, CA
148 Visalia, CA
149 Brownsville, TX
150 McAllen, TX