Woman buys Dyson vacuum cleaner at Target, gets a box of rocks and chili

Posted at 11:52 AM, Jul 26, 2017

HOUSTON — A Texas woman who thought she was purchasing a $300 Dyson vacuum cleaner at Target on Sunday found rocks and a can of chili in the box, according to KTRK.

Annie Banerjee opened the box when she got home and found towels, a can of chili and several rocks inside the box. When she returned to the store later that day, the manager said there was nothing they could do.

Banerjee told KTRK a store employee called police and told officers a “Hispanic woman” was trespassing.

Target issued a statement says the company will be refunding Banerjee’s full purchase price and giving her a free vacuum.

“At Target, we want our guests to feel welcome and respected whenever they shop in our stores. We regret the experience that Ms. Banerjee had in our Houston Galleria store on Sunday and have reached out to her to apologize. We will be refunding Ms. Banerjee’s money and providing her a new Dyson vacuum at Target’s expense. We’ve also addressed the situation with the team members who were involved and will use this as a learning opportunity for our team.”