Here’s the top selling alcohol in Utah

Posted at 4:24 PM, Aug 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-04 18:25:07-04

SALT LAKE CITY -- Utahns are treating themselves to better beers, wines and spirits, according to a list compiled by the state's alcohol control authority.

In response to a request by FOX 13, the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control provided a list of the top selling brands of beers, wines and spirits for the last fiscal year. It showed a trend toward higher priced alcohol (but the top sellers were still more inexpensive brands).

"The economy is good and Utahns are spending a little bit more," DABC spokesman Terry Wood said.

During more lean economic times, people would spend $10 to $15 on a bottle, Wood said. Now, they are spending anywhere from $20 to $40 a bottle. It's contributed to Utah's record-breaking sales ($427 million in the last fiscal year alone).

Bottles on display in a Utah State Liquor Store. (Photo by Ben Winslow, FOX 13 News)

Sales of flavored whiskeys are up, Wood said. "Candy-like" spirits are down.

"The trend right now is away from those ultra-sweet, rather strange vodkas," he said.

Craft beers are doing well. In fact, local breweries Squatters and Red Rock had products in the top five for overall sales. Sparkling wines are also showing an increase in sales.

"Our sales are up," Wood said. "While retail overall is flat. So people are spending money and spending more money in Utah State liquor stores than they have."

Utah is one of 17 liquor control states in the nation, meaning the state controls the sale and supply of alcohol. Money generated from liquor sales goes toward school lunch programs for underprivileged children, public safety and the state's general fund.

Here are the top ten spirits sales provided to FOX 13 by the DABC:

Here are the top 10 wines:

Here are the top selling beers: