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Utah student chef wins national competition and shares her winning recipes

Posted at 3:25 PM, Aug 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-07 17:25:21-04

UVU Culinary Arts student Madeline Black just won the ACF National Championship for student chefs. She shared her two winning recipes with us. For more information about UVU Culinary Arts, go here. 

Duck Roulade

Recipe By :Madeline Black
Serving Size : 4
-------- ------------ --------------------------------
165 grams Duck trim -- thigh, breast and carcasse
12 grams Shallots
1 gram Garlic
1 gram Smoke powder -- divided
10 grams Foie gras
8 grams White wine
2 1/2 grams Egg white
1/2 gram Parsley
2 1/2 grams Chives -- divided
2/3 gram Thyme .7g -- divided
47 grams Cream
12 grams Black truffle
15 grams Duck liver
2 each Duck breasts -- trimmed
7 grams Spinach
50 grams Duck fat
Salt and pepper to taste -- Test sample of farce
4 slices Madeline's cured duck breasts

To make the duck mousse: In a food processor, blend all the duck trim with a few small pieces of ice until smooth. Scrape down sides of jar. Add shallots and garlic as well .3 grams of the smoke powder, salt and black pepper. Scrape sides of jar down again and add foie gras, white wine, egg white, parsley, 2 grams of the chives, .5 grams of the thyme and blend. Add cream a little add a time while blending to create the mousse.

Place the mousse in a ricer and lightly press through to collect the impurites, tendens and keep it smooth. Keep mousse in a chilled bowl.

Mix truffles, small cubed liver and remaining herbs into mousse and place in pastry bag.

To assemble the roulade: season trimmed duck breasts with remaining smoke powder, salt and pepper, place on cured duck slices, layer with spinach leaves, then pipe the mousse. Spread evenly with wet spoon. Roll together like a jelly roll, keep plastic on and twist ends to make tight. Wrap in tin foil and twist ends to make tight. Cook in water bath until internal temp hits 135. Remove from water and allow to rest.

Remove roulade from foil and plastic, cut in half and sear in hot skillet until lightly brown on all sides, basting with hot duck fat.

Remove from pan and allow to rest another 5 minutes.

Port and Morel Mushroom Sauce

Recipe By :Madeline Black
Serving Size : 4
-------- ------------ --------------------------------
1 Duck carcasse cut down
22 grams Shallots
5 1/2 grams Thyme
75 grams Port wine
255 grams Mushroom stock
300 grams Duck stock
50 grams Morel mushrooms
15 grams Butter
Salt and Pepper to taste

Place duck carcass pieces in a heated sauce pot and roast in the oven until well browned.

Add shallots and thyme and lightly brown, deglaze with the port wine and reduce.

Add the mushroom and duck stocks and reduce by half.

In another small sauce pot sweat morels with a little port, strain the stock reduction into the morels and finish reducing.

Thicken with beurre manier as needed. Taste and adjust seasoning with salt and pepper. Swirl in some butter to finish.