City council responds after residents raise concerns about safety of intersection in Taylorsville

Posted at 10:17 PM, Aug 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-25 00:25:20-04

TAYLORSVILLE - After at least four car crashes at the same intersection in less than 48 hours, including one where a driver hit an 11-year-old at the crosswalk, parents near Calvin Smith Elementary what changes to be made.

"It happens all the time," said Cindie Tuft of the accidents on her street. "[My husband] will sit out here on the porch and we can sit and watch them run the red light. There's accidents and close calls constantly."

The intersection sits at 6200 South and Margray Drive. Residents and parents say, more often than not, the accidents are caused by drivers heading West-bound on 6200 South who run the red light.

"I'm not sure if the sun is blinding them and they just can't see," questioned Tuft.

Either way, residents say it's a constant problem and one that could have been fixed before the 11-year-old was hit.

"It was definitely a matter of time," said Jami Jones, a parent who was walking at the intersection with her son.

A Taylorsville City Council member confirmed that a parent brought the issue up at a City Council meeting Wednesday night.

"We're very concerned," said Councilmen Daniel Armstrong. "So, we asked our Chief of Police to look into the matter."

Armstrong said the City will also reach out to the Utah Department of Transportation to inquire about changing the timing of the lights to allow for a second or two delay between red lights and green lights.

Parents in the area had the idea to extend the School Zone an extra block to where the dangerous intersection sits. That way crossing guards would be there to help as well.

"We have four of the busiest intersections in the state here in Taylorsville," Armstrong confirmed. "So, I'm very concerned about the traffic patterns that cause concern around our schools."

A spokesman for Unified Police did confirm Thursday night that a heavier police presence will be in the area to help starting Friday.