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Quick and healthy breakfast options for the school year

Posted at 3:27 PM, Aug 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-28 17:27:49-04

Become a Breakfast Believer

August is Kids Eat Right Month and that begs the question, how well do we feed our kiddos? Breakfast may be the most hectic, overlooked meal of the day, but there are significant benefits for the entire family.

Adults breakfast eaters benefit by:
• Eating more vitamins and minerals.
• Better control of their weight.
• Better blood sugar levels.
• Eating less fat and cholesterol.
• Performing better at work.
Kids that take time for breakfast benefit by:
• Meeting daily nutrient requirements.
• Having healthier body weights.
• Better concentration and alertness at school.
• Fewer days of school missed.

Here are some quick ways to pull off a tasty breakfast that sets a healthy tone for your day when time is short. Each option includes whole grains, protein and fruit or veggie.
Breakfast Sandwich/Kebab: (Will assemble a PB&J Breakfast Kebab) PB&J is always a classic for kids and adults alike especially when we are in the back-to-school mode. Today, we`ve put a breakfast spin on this delicious classic so kids can enjoy one of their favorite meals before heading off to school. A Jif and Smucker`s PB&J sandwich contains 7 grams of protein that will provide the nourishment and staying power to get kids through their day. Natural Creamy Peanut Butter Spread has 5 simple ingredients, so you get that delicious, fresh-roasted peanut taste without any stirring required. And Smucker`s Natural Strawberry Fruit Spread is made with ingredients from natural sources that adds just the right balance of sweet flavor.
Breakfast in a Bag: 2 handfuls high-fiber dry cereal + handful of almonds + handful of dried fruit.
For the Savory Breakfast lover: A quick quesadilla in a waffle iron or microwave topped with salsa makes a balanced breakfast when you grab a piece of fruit to go with it.
Yogurt & Fruit Buildable Breakfast: Slice up an apple the night before (it won't brown too much in 12 hours if rinsed and kept in a plastic bag), then use your yogurt as a fruit dip. Or build a yogurt parfait with fresh or frozen berries, Greek yogurt and top it with your favorite whole-grain crunchy cereal.

Even if you simply make an effort to include a fruit or vegetable with breakfast, it will increase your likelihood of eating more fruits and vegetables the rest of the day. So commit to a simple breakfast habit and enjoy the energy and health that is bound to follow. To see more tips from Trish go to