Woman uses pocket knife and hammer to fight off alleged rapist

Posted at 8:39 AM, Sep 01, 2017

ANDERSON, Ind. – A suspected rapist in Indiana suffered serious wounds after his victim used a hammer and a pocket knife to attack him.

33-year-old Lucas Williams has been charged with several felonies including rape, sexual battery, attempted rape, strangulation and burglary.

Police say Williams assaulted a 27-year-old woman two times in two weeks. Both incidents allegedly happened at the woman’s apartment.  Police received the initial rape report on August 15, the day after the woman says Williams raped her.

“I was scared. I was in shock. I thought I'd seen [my] life flash before my eyes,” Williams’ accuser told WXIN.  The woman says she and Williams do not know one another.

Police say Williams was armed with a gun during the attack. Two weeks later, he allegedly returned to the woman’s apartment, forced his way inside and went after her again.

“He proceeded to choke me where I couldn’t breathe, so out of defense I did what I had to do to defend myself,” she said.

The woman says she had a pocket knife hidden in her bra.  She stabbed Williams several times and then used a hammer to hit him.  Detectives say Williams had at least seven wounds to his head and neck.  He had to be airlifted to an Indianapolis hospital.

“He thought he was going to run into an easy situation where he could just run in and try to rape me again. It was either I assault him or I end up dead,” she said.

Throughout the attack, the woman says Williams repeatedly told her he was sorry.

“I’m sorry you’re just not sorry for raping nobody and then you come to my house and try to do it again, you break in my house again. How are you sorry?” the woman asked.

When police interviewed Williams, he originally told them someone hit him from behind while he was walking home.  Court documents show Williams changed his story, telling detectives his injuries were actually from a sexual encounter, which he claims was consensual.

The case is still under investigation.