38-year old man killed in fall while rappelling near Zion National Park

Posted at 7:05 PM, Sep 04, 2017

KANE COUNTY, Utah – A man has died after falling 80 feet while hiking in southern Utah.

According to the Kane County Sheriffs’ Office, they received the call around 11 am on Sunday morning reporting an individual had fallen while rappelling in Englestead Hollow near Zion National Park.

The 38-year-old male from New Hampshire had been hiking and rappelling with four of his siblings when police say he fell the last 80 feet into the canyon below “for some unknown reason.”

The Kane County Sheriffs’ Office said a doctor from another group of hikers in the area was able to provide initial care for what they believed was leg, hip and back injuries.

A nearby DPS helicopter responded and was able to transport a nurse to the scene where they rappelled into the area from a cliff. According to the press release, they also shuttled two rope team members from the Kane County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue and medical personnel to provide additional care.

Officers say Zion’s National Park Search and Rescue responded to the man as well but he soon passed away from his injuries “despite the efforts of the rescue personnel.”

At this time the incident is still under investigation.

According to the Kane County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue, this is the second incident in the same area they have responded to in less than a month.