Bored teen turns 3-year-old brother into clown from Stephen King’s ‘It’

Posted at 3:22 PM, Sep 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-04 17:29:02-04

MERIDIAN, Miss. - A 17-year-old turned his 3-year-old little brother, Louie, into the clown from Stephen King’s 'It' and it's giving us nightmares.

If you thought adult clowns were terrifying, check out this version of "Pennywise."

Eagan Tilghman dressed up his brother, took pictures and posted them on Instagram... because he says he was bored.

It even got him on the front page of his local newspaper.

On Facebook Eagan said these images are a perfect little glimpse into how he sees the world.

He said, don't worry, it's not all unsettling images in his brain though...

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Well, this sure has been a day, and these pictures have really blown up. So here's a side by side of Louie. My little brother behind all the clown makeup and forehead modifications. He's actually quite adorable compared to his portrayal of pennywise. So as you can tell, he's pretty serious about staying in character. #pennywise #pennywisethedancingclown #itbook #itmovie #stephenking #youllfloattoo

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