Utah state parks filled with record breaking numbers

Posted at 8:10 PM, Sep 04, 2017

Utah State Parks have seen a record number of visitors this summer so far- and the final data for July and August are not even available yet.
Public Information Officer for Utah State Parks, Eugene Swalberg said it’s been a busy summer.

“We've had a great water year so our reservoirs have been full they have been full longer,” said Swalberg. “We are trying new things. We've got some great business partners that offer services in our state parks for folks who want to go out and do things that maybe they don't have at home. Paddle, boat or a cabin or rent a jet ski.”

Swalberg believes the water levels are the biggest factor. He said Jordanelle is one of the biggest state parks and it has seen more than 125,000 visitors just in June this year alone. Compare that to 105,863 in 2016 and 90,156 in 2015.

Swalberg said people also enjoy the wide range of activities at the parks.

“You got some iconic areas, both for scenic parks and recreation parks that people like to go to,” said Swalberg.