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SelectHealth: “I choose” Campaign

Posted at 2:25 PM, Sep 05, 2017

SelectHealth invites you to participate in their new campaign about making one good choice. It is called "I Choose" and encourages people to choose one healthy option to incorporate into their life.

These are some ways you can choose to be healthy:

  • Meatless Mondays:  Try going meatless once a week.  For example, trying new grains like farro and millet.  Introducing children to new beans or fish, or using fresh herbs.
  • Walk-walk-walk:  Taking a short walks, especially when feeling sluggish at work.  Going on a  family after-dinner walk to soak up the nice weather before it`s gone.  Even mowing the lawn is a great way to get steps!
  • Put your phone down:  Especially at night. Spending too much time staring at your phone, mindlessly surfing, takes away from the time you could be spending with your family.  And at night, the light can keep you from getting restful sleep.

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