This might be the worst first date in Tinder history

Posted at 2:58 PM, Sep 06, 2017

This might be the worst date in Tinder history. Or the worst date in history, period.

Two Brits were on a first date when the woman reportedly went to use her date’s bathroom, only to soon find herself in that most terrifying situation: Her poo wouldn’t flush. So she allegedly went with plan B: removing the poop, wrapping it in toilet paper, tossing it out the window, and, perhaps less explicitly, telling date Liam Smith what she just did.

As Smith explains in a GoFundMe campaign (more on that in just a minute), “I was understandably concerned,” but suggested they go outside, retrieve it, put it in the trash, and “pretend the whole sorry affair had never happened.” But the plan was thwarted by a “design quirk” in which the bathroom window was made up of two non-opening windows—and the feces was stuck in there.

And, soon, so was she. Smith’s date decided to climb in head-first from the top of the window and reach to the bottom to retrieve the poo.

Which, amazingly, she reportedly did. But then she found herself stuck—and ultimately had to be rescued by firefighters, who broke the window in the process. Smith took to GoFundMe in a quest to raise some of the funds needed for what he says is about a $400 replacement cost.

He has nearly raised $2,500, and says the excess will be split between a charity that brings toilets to the developing world and a firefighters charity.

For the skeptical, Avon Fire and Rescue service did confirm to the BBC that it rescued a woman trapped between two windows, with the Telegraph confirming the call was made regarding Smith’s address at 10:41pm on Aug. 7.

Smith posted photos documenting the ordeal on what Gizmodo has christened “the world’s best GoFundMe.” (Or is this the worst first date ever?)

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