Why Choosing the Right Health Insurance Plan Can Help You Live a Healthier Life

Posted at 4:32 PM, Sep 08, 2017

The following is sponsored by SelectHealth.

From choosing a snack to choosing a health insurance plan, being healthy involves a lot of big decisions. Fortunately, when you break them down into smaller bites, they’re a lot easier to stomach. That’s what our One Good Choice campaign is about—how one good choice leads to another. Instead of trying to change all at once, take steps toward a healthier version of you each day.

It can also help to recruit a friend who’ll support you in making healthy choices, whether that’s a dog who loves running by your side or a neighbor who brings you vegetables from the garden. How about a health plan who can support you in getting the healthcare you need? Choosing a not-for-profit, community-based health plan like SelectHealth is the beginning of a relationship intended to help you make good choices and live a healthy life.

Our members are in various stages of life and health, and we understand that the definition of health is different for everyone: Many people are trying to improve their health, others are getting preventive care to stay healthy, and some are managing a chronic condition. Some are simply seeking peace of mind knowing that if something happens, we’ll be there. You may be surprised to learn more about who SelectHealth is and how we meet the unique needs of our members and improve the communities in which we live.

What makes SelectHealth a good choice?

  • Stability. After more than 35 years in business, we know a few things about health insurance. We are confident in our ability to provide access to high-quality healthcare for nearly a million members in Utah and Idaho. But we also know that healthcare is changing faster than ever before, and we are constantly re-evaluating to keep up with changing technology, regulatory requirements, and consumer demands so we can continue to be a stable choice in the future.
  • Local Service. We live, work, and play in the same communities you do. When you call us, you’re talking to someone who lives in your community—or the one next to yours. When SelectHealth employees need healthcare, we use the same providers and clinics you do. You’ve probably run into one of us at the grocery store! It’s nice to know that the person picking up the phone is a neighbor.
  • Integration. It’s a big word for something really important about our company. As part of Intermountain Healthcare, we share a mission of helping people live the healthiest lives possible. But what does our integrated system mean for you? We have a unique advantage because of our relationship with Intermountain Healthcare. Health plans like ours work closely with healthcare providers, giving us a broader perspective and facilitating open discussions about the challenges patients face. We form stable systems focused on health, and together we can ensure that patients and members get preventive care and screenings they need to stay healthy. Community-based plans are also in a better position to develop relationships with providers to meet the short- and long-term needs of the community.
  • Member-focus. Every decision we make is with the member in mind. We hold focus groups and run online customer communities to get feedback from consumers on a range of topics, and we use this feedback to improve our products and services. If we think an idea is great but consumers are telling us something different, we go back to the drawing board—and we keep trying until we get it right.
  • Community Involvement. We may sell insurance plans, but we’re more than a safety net. Engaging members in their health and building healthier communities is key to our mission. Here are just a few of our community programs and sponsorships:
    • STEP Express – Challenging kids to lead healthier, more-active lives is the main goal of this program aimed at fourth-graders. We provide lesson plans, activity trackers, and teacher support.
    • Select 25 – This program helps those who are helping others. Each year we choose 25 nonprofit organizations devoted to improving the lives of others and award them $2,500 to use toward their mission.
    • Volunteerism – Our employees volunteer in the community, and each employee is given four hours of paid time to spend doing so!
  • Decision-making Tools.
    • Cost Estimator – Our most-requested member tool, the Medical Cost Estimator, provides estimates for a doctor, hospital, or service, based on a member’s benefits.
    • My Health – Members can visit our secure member website and see exactly where they stand with their year-to-date totals such as their deductible and out-of-pocket maximums, as well as review claims or look up drug costs.
    • Provider Search – Search for the right provider using criteria like network, location, specialty, and more—or access quick-care options with the click of a button.
  • All the Extras! As part of their plan, SelectHealth members enjoy lots of extras that many either don’t know about or forget to use. But taking advantage of these services can make a difference for many individuals and families:
    • Member Advocates – Sometimes the most frustrating part of going to the doctor is finding the right one in the first place and getting an appointment. Our Member Advocates are experts at doing just that—they help members locate doctors of all types, including those who speak a specific language, and they will even make an appointment.
    • Care and Disease Management – Our nurses are here to help you. Every day, SelectHealth care managers spend hours coordinating care with physicians’ offices and talking to members to make sure that they get the right care.
    • Healthy Beginnings – Moms-to-be, especially those with high-risk pregnancies, should take advantage of this program. Our nurse care managers are happy to answer questions, and moms get a free book about pregnancy and child care.
    • Member Discounts – Perhaps the least-known membership “extra” is our discount program. Members can search for discounts on services such as gym memberships, LASIK, acupuncture, tattoo removal, and more.

When you think about insurance, remember that there are plans like ours working hard to be more than just a health plan—we’ll be your cheerleader in making one good choice at a time. Talk to us! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and share your thoughts on how you choose to be healthy.