Health Department warns of potential toxic algae bloom near Ogden’s 21st Street Pond

Posted at 4:38 PM, Sep 09, 2017

OGDEN, Utah — The Weber-Morgan Health Department has posted warning signs near the 21st Street Pond in Ogden after initial tests showed a potential toxic algae bloom in the water.

Health Department staff tested the water Friday and preliminary results were positive for cyanobacteria.

“These tiny plantlike organisms form an algae bloom in water that can produce toxins that pose health risks to people, pets and other animals,” a press release from the Health Department states.

Additional samples have been submitted for testing, and in the meantime warning signs have gone up.

The signs ask residents to avoid swimming or water skiing or drinking the water. Pets and other animals should be kept away, and any fish caught in the pond should be cleaned thoroughly with water from a separate water source.

Those who are boating should avoid areas where scum is visible.

“This is a popular dog walking area in our community and we want residents and their pets to be safe while we complete our tests,” says Michela Gladwell, director of environmental health at the Weber-Morgan Health Department.

Additional test results are expected to be available next week.