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SelectHealth: “I choose” Campaign

Posted at 4:44 PM, Sep 12, 2017

SelectHealth invites you to participate in their new campaign about making one good choice. It is called "I Choose" and encourages people to choose one healthy option to incorporate into their life.

These are some ways you can choose to be healthy:

  • Take a hike. We are lucky to live just minutes from the beautiful Wasatch mountains, and with so many canyons and hikes to choose from, there`s something for everyone. Hiking offers mental and physical benefits, so it`s a win-win.
  • Reach for fruit. I like to keep fresh fruit on hand at my desk, so when I`m craving something sweet in the afternoon, I have a healthy way to indulge. Wash fruit and display it where you can see it, so you`ll be prepared when hunger strikes.
  • Practice mindfulness. Being mindful is more than just meditation. No matter what you`re doing, practice being present in the moment. Take a break during your day to take a few slow, mindful breaths.

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