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Ex-clerk misuses $200K in taxpayer funds to buy dog tux for her pug, other personal items

Posted at 4:49 PM, Sep 14, 2017

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. - So let's just be clear, one should never steal taxpayer dollars to buy personal items, especially if one is in a trusted position with access to the money.

But if one were going to improperly use public funds, one should be smart enough not to buy the ridiculous things this Arkansas ex-clerk did that will surely get one caught.

Officials told the Sentinel-Record that 44-year-old Kristi Lyn Goss racked up $200,000 in charges on the Garland County's dime, which is impressive in itself.

The more amazing part is what the former administrative assistant for a Garland County judge purchased with that money... like a dog tuxedo for her pug.

Police said she also purchased a diamond bracelet, sequined throw pillows, pet insurance and Arkansas Razorbacks sporting event tickets in the spending spree that dates back to 2012, when authorities said she started paying her bills with the county credit card.

The former judge's assistant faces up for 100 years in prison if convicted.

But it seems some on Twitter don't think that punishment fits the crime.

Jaime tweeted, "Well I mean... a tuxedo for a pug is kind of a national service if you ask me."

Mustafa tweeted, "Is this wrong? I gotta say unless the rules SPECIFICALLY said no buying a tuxedo for your dog she should plead ignorance."

Harrison tweeted, "What a waste of taxpayer dollars. You *rent* a dog tuxedo."

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