Teen injured in hit-and-run during Brigham City’s Peach Days speaks; driver remains at-large

Posted at 9:54 PM, Sep 14, 2017

BRIGHAM CITY, Utah -- A mother is looking for answers after she says a driver took off after hitting her son in a Brigham City intersection.

“I was in shock, like I didn't really know at all,” said 15-year-old Traycen Nelson about being struck by the vehicle.

It was at 100 South and 100 West in Brigham City where Naomi Nelson said her son Traycen was the victim of a hit-and-run.

Traycen was at Brigham City's Peach Days, crossing a street with one of his friends, when a truck turned left into the intersection.

Naomi said her son’s friend jumped out of the way but Traycen didn’t see the truck in time.

Traycen says the truck, described as a white Ford F-150, hit the right side of his body, sending him to the asphalt.

“My ribs hurt really bad and my head and my knee,” Traycen said.

Traycen says he was able to get up, but right when he did the driver sped away.

“You can’t assume that someone you have just hit and thrown with your vehicle is OK simply because they stand up,” Nelson said.

Traycen's friends walked a block to find a police officer, and then Traycen called his mom.

“There are so many questions," she said. "We don't know if she was drinking. We don't know if she was on drugs. We don't know why she ran."

Traycen went to the hospital and now the family is stuck with the medical bills and wondering why the driver didn't stop.

“I really want to tell her she's lucky she hit my son who is over 6-feet tall and really big because she could have killed a smaller person,” Nelson said.

Police say they do have several leads they are following.