Warning signs posted at Deer Creek Reservoir due to small toxic algal bloom

Posted at 7:58 PM, Sep 14, 2017

DEER CREEK STATE PARK -- The Department of Environmental Quality has posted a warning at Deer Creek Reservoir due to a toxic algal bloom.

The DEQ says a staff member first noticed the algal bloom Monday and tested the waters, which indicated the bloom is toxic.

The bloom is located along the shoreline in the marina at the island resort. The DEQ has posted signs in the affected areas to warn people to be cautious. The main area of concern is near the shore and not so much farther out into the water.

"To not to swim or ingest the water and keep their pets out, because they can be harmful," said Ben Holcomb with the DEQ.

The bloom isn't very large, and experts expect the changing weather will help clear it away. They say the bloom could dissipate as early as this weekend.

The DEQ will continue to monitor the bloom and update the public as the situation changes.